We , the members of International Network Of Christian Drama Evangelists Organisation, a non Political Organization and non-tribal but Christian and Bible Believers based organization dedicated solely to the promotion of our aims and objectives and for that purpose do firmly and solemnly resolved to provide for ourselves a constitution and to be governed by the provision herein contained.




The Association shall be known and called INTERNATIONAL NETWORK OF CHRISTIAN DRAMA EVANGELISTS hereinafter called the INCDE Association.



Membership of the organisation are generally Christians who believe and follow the teaching of the Lord  and Saviour Jesus Christ and also strictly ahead to Biblical Doctrines and faith based.

How ever membership under the INCDE organization is not automatic merely or because the individual is a Christian strictly ahead to Biblical faith and doctrines, but every members must officially registered with the organisation and come within the ambit of any of the category of  membership  of the said organisation.


There are four major categories of membership of this organisation which are:

  1. Ordinary member
  2. Gold member
  • Diamond member
  1. Platinum member


  1. ORDINARY MEMBER- This category of persons shall become members of INCDE with free registration. He or she may be paid to act in any movie produced by the organization without further benefit.

  1. GOLD MEMBER- persons under this category shall register and become a member with a registration fee of N15, 000.00 (NG) and $ 41.70 (US) R625(SA) and shall be entitle to 50% discount for seminal and workshops organized by the  He or she shall also be paid  to act in any movies or movies produced by the organization with no further benefit.


  • Diamond member: persons under this category shall become a diamond  member when he or she registered with a registration fee of N50, 000.00 (NG), $138(US), R 2,100(SA) and shall be entitle to the following benefits.


  1. fixed acting fee as directed by the organization
  2. He or she shall be entitled to 50% discount on seminal and workshop organized by the organization.
  3. He or she shall entitle to share from the proceeds of movies dedicated by the organization from the first day of membership or being a member.

  1. PLATINUM MEMBER- a person shall become a platinum member of INCDE Organization when he or she register with the organization with a registration fee of N150, 000.00(NG), $416(USD), R6, 240 (SA) and such an individual shall be  entitled to benefit such as:

  1. Free access to all seminal and workshop organized by the organization.
  2. Fix acting fee as decided by the organization
  3. The right to fund a project with a return and shares.

How the share per-movie works is that for example if movie is sold for $ 1=100%

50% goes to the producer of the movies

25% goes to the INCDE organization.

25% goes to the platinum members.

3 .  ARTICLE 3:


The motto of the organization is Action


         4   ARTICLE 4:


                AIMS: To facilitate the expansion of God’s Kingdom through quality and entertaining drama


               The aims and Objectives of the organization are:

  1. To raise up disciples through training of believers to become deeply and intimately acquainted with the requisite knowledge of preaching and teaching God’s word for the purpose of bringing the lost to Christ and enhancing the spiritual growth and development of the believers.
  2. To promote and advance education by investing in project for communication and public benefit through Christian movies campus outreach, stage and live drama/performance, church drama, spiritual and professional activities etc.
  3. To strengthen and support the development of members Christian faith through teaching of the word of God, Biblical research, seminal, workshop, conference and spiritual enhancement.




The following meetings recognized by the organization are:

  1. Annual General Meetings
  2. Executive Council Meetings
  3. Emergency Meetings or Special Council Meetings.

  1. Annual General Meetings

The annual general meeting shall be held once every year at the registered office of the organization  or such other venue, as the Executive Council shall decided

  1. Executive Council Meeting:

This may be held at such time and place as may be deemed convenient by the executive council

  1. Emergency Meetings

Emergency meetings of the Executive Council or General Meetings shall be convened as such time and place as often as need arises.




   Quorum shall be formed when there is two-third of members present in the meeting. But in an emergency meeting or others such meeting the convener and two principal officer or any member present shall form a quorum.



  1. The governing council
  2. Board of Council
  3. The Council state

The following are the Officers of the INCDE who are charge with the overall Management, responsibility and good administration of the affairs of the INCDE organization.

  1. THE GOVERNING COUNCIL: The governing council of the INCDE is the highest decision making body of the organisation vested with the powers and responsibility to direct the affairs of the organisation, his officers and members for the general good and well being of the organisation. They receive report from every other organs of the organisation and take decision whether disciplinary financial or otherwise. The organ also appoint and direct  the activities of the general Secretary of the organisation.

  1. BOARD OF COUNCIL: The board of Council of the INCDE is the second organ of the organisation visited with the power and responsibility to carry out the polices, instructions and directives of the governing council and general assemble of the organization. The board draw out the budget of the organization for the approval of the governing council, it recommend the appointment of external auditors and fix their remuneration. They appoint, remove and direct, the staffs and members of the organization and determine the terms and condition of their services, they determine and recommend disciplinary measure against any erring staff or member subject to the approval of the governing council.


  1. COUNCIL OF STATE: the Council of state or state council of the INCDE is the administration organ of the organization. They carry out the polices of the organization as directed by the Board of council. They initiated and make proposal to the council of state of the organization. They inquire, research and carryout research, exploitation and make recommendations that will enhance the organization.




The following are the officers of INCDE who are challenged with the overall management and good administration of the affairs of INCDE organisation:


  1. CONVENER: The convener of the INCDE who is also the Chairman of the organization is the chief Executive of the INCDE Worldwide. He is the vision bearer vested with the sole power to organize  and direct the affairs of the organization, he receives report from  various officers for organization. He is a life officer of the organization and the only officer who can hold office for life and his office is not subject to election. He is empowered to take decisions on behalf of the organization. He has  the sole power to admit or not to admit members into the organisation, He is the Chairman and  head of  the governing council and the Board of Council of INCDE. He also double as director of programme He can appoint an officers of the  organization and shall appoint any officers of the board to act on his behalf when he is not available.


  1. To provide leadership and strategic direction for the organization
  2. He presides over all meeting and responsible for the conduct of business at such meeting.
  3. He alone has the powers decided who become members and into organization.
  4. He serve as efficient and effective link between the organization and it members
  5. He can appoint members into the governing council and Board of council and also remove any member from same.
  6. He vat all script of INCDE with the governing council and the board of council before shooting the any movies
  7. Upholding and defined the constitution at all times
  8. He have casting vote.
  9. He sign and/or counter-sign and gives  approval over all financial matters.
  10. Present chairman’s address for the annual general meeting, submit an annual report on the working of the organization for the proceeding, accounting period together with the statement of accounts drawn up and signed by the head of councils, certified by the auditors and approved by the governing council.


        Heads of council are officers of the Board of council who run the affairs and carry out the functions of the Board of council.  They  act for and on behalf of the organization. They are responsible to and submit to the governing council.


He or she shall:

  1. Upon the instruction of  the governor summon all members of the officers and annual general secretary meeting of the organisation.
  2. Record and keep minutes, of all the officers and general and general meetings of the organization including attendance and summary discussions taken at such meetings.
  3. Write the disputed circulars, letter and other correspondence of the organization on behalf of the officers.
  4. Furnish an annual report of the activities of the organisation.
  5. Function as Secretary to the governor coral and board of Council.
  6. Perform such executive or other duties as may be assign to him by the convener or and the governing body of the organisation.
  7. Act and performance such administrative duties as that office demand produced that he or she may be recomenrated for the performance of such and administrative duties


He shall keep all monies handed over to him and shall issue receipt to cover such monies

He shall disburse such monies collected or pay same or any part thereof to the accounts of the organisation as the organization may decide.

He shall keep a proper book of account showing all the expenditures and submit quarterly and yearly Statement of Account to the House at its General Meeting.

He shall keep the Association Passbook, cheque book and other banking documents.

He shall perform any other duties as may be assigned.


The State facilitator is the administrative organ of the organization, It carries out the policies of the organization, as directed by the Board of Council, It initiates and submits to the Board recommendations on and programmed which it believes are in the best interest of the organization. It liaises with Governments, other organizations and the media, in state, and as such represent INCDE at all functions as may be necessary in accordance with policies determined by the Board of Council. It collects, analyses and disseminates data and information useful to the members of INCDE. It carries out appropriate research on economic or other matters of interest to the INCDE Members. It maintains regular contact with members, keeping them informed of the organization’s activities. It organizes church’s drama, outdoor evangel tours, camps meeting and other businesses, professional, spiritual and promotional activities for the members of INCDE. It carries out other lawful functions as may be assigned to it by the Convener and the Board of Council.


 The Head of Department of the organization are Executive and Administrative Officer of the State facilitator . they are appointed by the state facilitator, they are responsible for the administration of the State and is in particular responsible for the following:

  • In accordance with the directives of the Convener and the Board, to ensure the proper conduct of the day-to-day administration and financial management of INCDE
  • Carry out the duties and research related to the objectives of INCDE, on they own initiative or as the Board may determine.
  • Keep abreast with current developments relevant to the objectives of the organization.
  • Submit to the State facilitator a work programmed and its budget.
  • Submit to the State facilitator reports on the activities of INCDE .
  • Implement all decisions of INCDE.
  • Perform such other functions as may be directed from time to time by the Board and State facilitator.

  2. He shall collect all monies and issue receipts on behalf of the Association.
  3. He shall handover all such monies to the Treasurer in within five days of such collection.
  4. He shall assist the treasurer in rendering quarterly and annual statement of
  5. He shall keep proper book of account showing Association’s income and expenditure.
  6. He shall perform all other duties that may be assigned to him by the Association.


The Duties of Representative shall include the following amongst others

  • Ensuring that the INCDE church’s drama is held at least twice a month in his/her local Area.
  • Ensuring that as soon as he/she is appointed he/ she facilitates the establishment of the local Committee as well as Appointment of Heads of Departments responsible for other Portfolios.
  • Shall be responsible together with his/her committee for putting up the Programmed for INCDE..
  • Shall ensure that the Local INCDE Calendar of Events is inclusive of all Areas affecting INCDE Members including Business Issues, Professional development issues, Spiritual, Financial and Family awareness issues.
  • Shall strive together with his/her executive to attend all INCDE State, National and International Events such as the Annual Prayer Camps and Retreat, INCDE Annual Conference.
  • Ensure that the local INCDE keeps a proper book of accounts and prepares Audited Financial Statements and a local Annual Report for members at the end of each financial year end.
  • Shall together with the Committee fully subscribe to the mission and vision of INCDE and their mandates? Shall give quarterly and annual reports to the State Office

. • Shall ensure he/she develops leaders in line with their gifts, talents and calling and release them when ready to set up new INCDE or to establish or run new departments Required Leadership Development It is compulsory for all Member of INCDE




The INCDE organization may constitute an ad-hoc committee whenever the need arises and such committee shall stand dissolved by the convener immediately the purpose for which it was constituted has been executed or accomplished.



For the purpose of raising and generating funds and other resources(in cash and/or in kind)for the realization of its aims and objectives. The organization shall among others generate and raised funds from the following sources:

  1. Members fees
  2. Registration fee
  3. Donation and gift (whether cash and/or kind from individuals corporate bodies, organization,)
  4. Receive grants or assistance from individuals, trust funds and other charitable or philanthropic organization in Nigeria or elsewhere.
  5. Monthly subscription which may be fixed or reviewed by the Association from time to time.
  6. Special levies in pursuits of any film production or specific activity embarked upon by the organization.


INCDE will provide a selling point around the nation, for the sale of DVD, Bluely

IT Department will be set up for online sale

Airtime from TV station will be pay for, advert placement for our drama series

Mobile sale van will be provided

PARTNER WITH church for sale of movies

Partner with cinema for movie premier

Selling networking with members.



  1. The Convener or Chairman shall receive all monies payable to the organization from all series and make necessary authorized disbursement in consultation with the financial Secretary while keeping proper records of such
  2. He shall also keep an account of such amount to be determined by the convener or furthering council of the organization and shall act only on the Financial approval of the convener or Chairman.




The organization may alter or amend the provision of this constitution by a resolution pass by two third (2/3) majority vote of the members present in the General Meeting  provided that a notice of the purpose amendment shall have been circulated to the members at least a month before the General Meeting  in which resolution is to be passed.



For an effective and efficient running of the organization it is required, mandatory and compulsory for all members of INCDE to undergo leadership training by attending the following:

  1. INCDE Annual Prayer.

Required Leadership of Development

It is compulsory for all member of INCDE to under leadership training by attending the following;

  • INCDE Annual Prayer Camp and Retreat
  • INCDE Departmental Meetings and Committee Meetings
  • INCDE Annual Conference
  • INCDE Seminar and Workshop
  • International training
  • Meter class



  1. Rules and regulation: The organization reserved the right to make any rules or regulation, written or in respective matter not provided for  in this constitution provided such is designed to achieve any of the object for  which the INCDE organization formed.
  2. Entrepreneurship: The organization among other country herein shall organized entrepreneurship programme to chance develop her members, staff and offices to necessarily prepare them to accomplish the aims and objective or purpose of INCDE :
  3. Providing a selling point around the nation for the selling of DVD.
  4. It department will be set up for online sale.

The organization has goals and strategy employed be able to effective and efficient run the organization and achieved the aims and objectives for setting up INCDE organs this goals and strategy include:

  1. Short Time Goal: The short time term goal is which include visiting of churches drama entation, making of movies, seminars and we
  2. Mid Term Goal: The Mid term goal include:
  3. Setting up Christian film schools and partnering with christian film school .
  4. Partnering with TV Stations to show INCDE series or buy air time for ministers
  • To establish branches all around the nations.
  1. Long Term Goal: this will include the building theaters.

To set up a 24 hours Christian entertainment channel.



Any aggrieved member of INCDE by the action of another member shall no resort to self help, or arrest such member by the police or go straight to the court for immediate redress, but such member shall first of all officially report the matter to the BOARD OF COUNCIL of INCDE for amicable resolution or settlement. The board may adopt any method it considers appropriate to amicably resolve the matter and or refer the matter and recommend disciplinary measure to the GOVERNING COUNCIL against such erring member.



(A)Failure to pay your membership dues, or Insubordination to constituted authority, or leadership of INCDE, or declared bankrupt, or convicted for any crime by any court of competent jurisdiction, or found wanting of any form of illegality or failure to strictly abide to the constitution of INCDE is a ground to lost of membership. And one of this is sufficiency enough to revoke ones membership.

(B)Any member who cease to be a member of INCDE Organization either by resignation, dismissal, suspension, or aggrieved, or failure to obey the disciplinary measure or punishment place on and or pronounced on him/her by the Organization shall automatically loses  his/her right of membership of the Organization, and alll benefits, entitlements and privileges  which he or she was supposed to be entitled to under the Organization. And such individual(s) shall not have the right or power to initiate or institute any action in any tribunal or court of law against INCDE Organization, the Convener/Chairman, principal officers or members to enforce his right of membership, entitlement, benefits or privileges  relating to the subject matter or any matter relating thereto.

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